Windswept Brewing Company secured an exclusive contract at the AAM Scottish Open 2016 to be the only craft beer on sale at the golfing event.

Owner Nigel Tiddy contacted McDaid PR to find out how to maximise the brand’s presence at the event, and make the story travel from a Highland golf course to the Scottish central belt, where consumers had limited knowledge of Windswept.

McDaid PR teed off an above par campaign and scored a hole in one, on a very tight budget and in just two days.

From engaging craft beer enthusiasts online to researching teeing off times for the Twitter schedule, organising samples, contacting key journalists and tracking influencers using monitoring software, McDaid PR swung into action.

The results? Fifteen items of media and blog coverage, an interview on BBC, a motion in the Scottish Parliament in favour of Windswept’s beer, over 440,000 impressions on Twitter in four days and thousands of pints sold at the event itself.

Definitely better than a birdie.